Wednesday, 2 June 2010


well I delivered the baby set to my customer today and she loved it so much that she paid me DOUBLE !!!! I tried arguing with her but she kind of her. Someone that really appreciates all the hard work that goes into making a baby set....she knows that I will never do another one exactly the same, so her set is unique.
In order to keep a variety of items in my shop , I now intend to do a few items from granny squares. I don't usually do traditional but a lot of people like them, so I hope to add a few of these items to my folksy shop soon. Usually I design everything that I make but with granny squares I cannot claim fame to designing them, so that will be a bit different for me.
Going to sort out some matching yarns now........

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  1. How lovely of the customer and a big boost for you too! Di x