Sunday, 11 July 2010

new blog address

new bog

I think I have cracked this puzzle at will not allow me to post here with my new address, so I have had to set up a new blog with my new addy and password...

so if any of you want to join me over there please do....I don't want to lose all you lovely followers..
Brenda x


OK....I am looking for help here....if I sign in with my OLD email I come to this blog (and of course THIS email will cease to be shortly)
I find that I can sign in with my NEW email but it takes me to my new blog and I don't know how to direct my followers to the new blog.
If I continue to blog on here, will I still be able to even after my email is defunct?...any help welcome....???


well firstly let me apologise to all those who are following my blog. We are quitting ntl (too long and complicated to go into) SO i have changed my email address.....I did that and when I tried to sign in to my blog, it said that my password was incorrect (with my new email) I clicked to retrieve it and it said that my EMAIL was matter what I do it will not give me access....the only reason I am here right now, is using my ntl email and old password but as soon as we pull the plug on ntl I will not be able to access this blog,......
I have tried everything but nothing works....sooo
I am very sorry folks...but I am going to disappear into the ether.....
I even tried to set up another blog but google won't let me.....if anyone knows of another place to start a new blog...please send me a message through my folksy shop

to everyone else....good selling....

Saturday, 10 July 2010


well I have had to change my password to access my blog....but I will also need to change my email address soon, so might have the same problem again soon....BUT at least I am able to blog today.
Got some lovely cherry coloured yarn tomorrow I shall start a new project....late now so time for me to go to bed....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, 8 July 2010


LOL....I bought one of those polystyrene wig blocks to use for putting hats and scarves on to make them look better in my folksy shop.....
It looked very dull and boring, so I painted a face on it looks like something from Star Trek !!!!...perhaps I should buy her a wig. My husband has named her Jacqueline....not sure why!!
At least it will be a bit
I have just finished a baby set, jacket bloomers and a hat....I will try to get photos taken early next week. I am not very good at taking pictures and I usually have to take at least 20 just to find ONE decent often takes me long to get photos done, than to make the item....never mind I have Jacqueline now...I am sure she will I should get a Jack !!??)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

this is a tiny waistcoat that is listed in my folksy shop
It would look lovely over a pretty summer dress or pair of trousers......
Of course it is made in my favourite purles and mauves.....what
We have workmen here today, taking down our old conservatory and putting up a new one. How come when the old one is falling down, it is taking them SO long to demolish it?...strange that

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


just finished this little baby cardigan. I don't usually use other people's patterns, mostly design my own but this lady has some really pretty baby patterns which i then to Heather Davidson for this one. Heather sells her patterns and allows people to make them up for sale...which is what I shall be doing with this one.
Hopefully it will be in my folksy shop some time next week.