Thursday, 24 June 2010


Here is one of my freeform is made from a mixture of yarns and fibres and is soft and scrunchie. It has a dc (sc to the US) lining.
I have this listed in my folksy shop
I love doing freeform crochet because there are no patterns and you just choose a yarn and go in whichever direction you feel like. It is also a way of using some of the smaller balls of yarn that fibre artists accumulate !!
It has just started to rain....nothing new for the UK


  1. Really imaginative - a form of crochet I have not yet tried- Lovely work!

  2. Great blog, lovely to see someone being so creative with crochet. I wish I had the confidence to do freeform, I haven't yet managed to wean myself away from patterns - maybe one day.....