Thursday, 3 June 2010


well today I spent a lot of the afternoon trying to take pictures of the items that I want to list for sale.....I reckon it takes me longer to get ONE decent photograph than to make an item to list.....aaargh.....
I have tried taking pictures outside but they come out much too bright...indoors too dark....think I'll climb up on the roof tomorrow...only
Decided to make some Granny squares today...this is breaking away from my normal style. My favourite crochet is freeform but it is difficult to make freeform into wearable garments that are a reasonable price. My days of supplying items to Harrods are in the past !! I used to machine knit suits that were sold in London's West End....those were good days.....
I want people to appreciate people like me who put a lot of hard work into what they design and make. There are a lot of talented artists out there who are struggling to make ends some ways I get annoyed with the cheap imports and at the same time feel sorry for those talented people overseas who get paid a pittance for their hard work. I hope one day that people will be paid what they are worth......lecture

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